Power station investment

Zero input 

 low price power consumption

Partial investment

 cooperative investment

The investor and the enterprise sign the energy contract of photovoltaic construction project operation, benefit sharing and other contents, and the investor obtains the power generation income. Enterprises can enjoy low-price electricity to improve their economic and social benefits.

We will jointly build the power station with the enterprise through financing lease, share the power generation income of the power station, and then withdraw from the initial investment in the form of equity transfer of the power station. Help enterprises to share the investment cost of power stations in the early stage, so that they can enjoy the multiple values brought by green energy as soon as possible.

Four advantages of

 investing in industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power stations

Save peak electricity charges and sell surplus electricity online
Activate fixed assets and increase enterprise income
Enterprises have large electricity consumption and high peak electricity charges. After photovoltaic power generation is installed, enterprises can spontaneously use their own electricity and sell the remaining electricity online. It not only solves the power consumption problem of the enterprise itself, but also creates new economic benefits for the enterprise.
Most industrial and commercial roofs range from thousands of square feet to tens of thousands of square feet. This idle space can be converted into a second source of income for your business. By allowing a third-party like Solarviva to invest in this space and install a photovoltaic power station, your business can enjoy a reduction in your monthly energy bill at no cost to you.
Reduce the temperature inside the factory and increase the comfort of the environment
Promote energy conservation and emission reduction to produce good social benefits
Photovoltaic panels have the effect of heat insulation. After laying photovoltaic modules in a large area on the roof, they can effectively reduce the temperature of the plant, at the same time ensure the comfort of workers in the plant, and the smooth operation of production equipment, which indirectly reduces the cooling costs of enterprises.
Each local government will issue energy conservation and emission reduction targets to productive enterprises, and some energy-consuming enterprises will be subject to high fines if they fail to complete the targets. The installation of photovoltaic power stations can not only achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also establish a good brand image without geographical restrictions. In addition, PV can register CCER, sell green certificates, realize green rights and interests, and expand corporate income.

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